A message from President

We, Ocean Cask Lease Co, Ltd. (our former name) started operation in 1977 with the main business of owning, leasing and maintenance of CASK for the transportation of the spent nuclear fuel.
Under the continued support from Utility companies, JNFL, JAEA, NFT and other parties concerned, we have been expanding our business area such as CASK design, Analysis, Handling Tool design with aiming toward the company goal so called "Total CASK Engineering Company".

OCL Corporation President Kazuhiro Takei In 1994, our company name was changed to OCL CORPORATION.
In 2002, we became an affiliate of NFT and new role of "Engineering Company for Utility companies" was added on our activities as one of key player of NFT Group Company.
We are taking all measures to achieve safety as ultimate target and satisfying customer needs in products and service, while continuing to enhance technologies and bolster quality management.
We are looking forward to your continuous support to us.

Kazuhiro Takei