Research & Development


We respond to every customer need regarding casks and provide necessary survey/research.

  • Oversea Cask Technology Trends
  • Regulation & Law
  • Cost Evaluation
  • Operation Planning
  • Measuring & Evaluation
  • Technical Investigation and Research
  • Participated in the formulation of standards of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan and the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


We are the specialist group that is well versed in various technical fields related to casks.
Utilizing this technology, we will make proposals that will help to develop human resources for customers and improve the safety and efficiency of business practices.

  • Education
  • Check & Review & Consulting on Cask Technology
  • Various Technical Advisory
  • Consulting about Transport


We develop various devices and systems according to customer needs utilizing our extensive experience and expertise in cask-related fields.

  • Vacuum Drying System
  • High Accuracy Leak Testing System
  • Spent Fuel Selection System
  • Heat Removal / Shielding Evaluation System
  • Cask Data Management System
  • Underwater Camera & Robot
  • Waste Volume Reduction System
  • Cask Cavity Water Level Adjusting System
  • Vacuum Aspiration System for Residual Water on Cask Surface
  • Vacuum Drying System

    Vacuum Drying System

  • High Accuracy Leak Testing System

    High Accuracy Leak Testing System

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